About Maaike...

Life itself is like a blanc canvas. By adding colours & structures it becomes alive.

Maaike is a 32 years young women. She  has 2 brothers, an older & a younger one & grew up with 2 loving parents.


Everything went pretty normal/traditional. Dad was working hard at work & Mom was working hard at home.


Still she never really considered herself as normal. Since she was a young girl she felt  different.


It all started at school when the children didn't want to hold her hand because of the visible eczema & because she was born with crooked hips they found her a baggert when she could finally wear the same shoes like everybody else, it made her insecure & restrained. She locked herself up for years in her own head.


......BUT!!! Like every fairytale it has a happy ending!!!


That this start could lead to the life she's living now she could have never imagined. She did dreamed of it,, ow that girl could dream! But believing that is would be true one day was to much.

That is why she is thankfull for every day, for everything that happend during her whole life, the good & the bad.. the happy & the sad, it has create her to who she is today, what she thinks, how she acts, what she feels, what she does & who she all loves. 


Spreading love & positive energy she does on daily base because everything you share multiplies.    


Be aware that your present circumstances do not determine where you end, it is your starting point.


...brings you energy

Mai Design is a brand designed to transfer energy trough art.